ELEV8 SERVICES is a privately owned Australian company based on the Gold Coast. The founders of the company have over 20 years cleaning experience and, today are actively involved in the day-to-day running of the business and regularly interact with clients.

Their personal involvement in the business ensures that quality assurance levels are being maintained.

Passionate & Experienced People

The role of the directors is to provide leadership and share their passion and experience with all employees to empower them to be their best. The directors take a very hands-on approach to the management of each project.

Our hard-working employees take enormous pride in their work and have the experience, dedication and equipment to surpass our competitors.


Managing Director


Operations Manager

Trudy’s passion for client satisfaction developed through international business working with high profile clientele for over 18 years. Her attention to detail and ability to multi-task is second to none. She has been exposed to a vast range of commercial business and has the attitude of ‘cleanliness is tidiness’.

Trudy’s “One in, All in” approach to team cohesion ensures ELEV8 SERVICES has not only the best quality employees but also the best working conditions.

Matthew has worked within the Technical Services Industry for over 12 years with some of the world’s largest Commercial Real Estate Agencies.

Matthew has developed a reporting and management system for ELEV8 SERVICES to ensure OH&S compliance and risk is minimised. Matthew’s experience in building operations outlines the importance of maintaining a clean, well-maintained property to attract quality tenants and clientele.


The ELEV8 SERVICES Management team have considerable experience in providing services to clients in their industry with in-depth experience. Managing a wide variety of client requirements, with the ability to adapt quickly to clients changing needs, ELEV8 SERVICES act without comprising the standards of service.